Watch Now: How to Win More Work in a Competitive Marketplace

Find out how to win more work

Strategy, leadership, goal-setting and game changers – these were just some of the topics covered in our webinar How to Win More Work in a Competitive Marketplace

We partnered with Kurt Hegetschweiler, Specialist Building Industry Business Coach, to deliver a webinar that went through the strategies and processes that builders and trades can implement to get on the front foot, fast-track their business, and dominate the competition. 

Here’s what we covered in the webinar (watch it below): 

  1. Why and how you need to start investing in yourself more 
  2. The Marketing mindset that changes everything  
  3. Direct response marketing that works  
  4. How to get suppliers to gladly pay for quality video productions and promote it on their platforms  
  5. How the top 1% of builders are educating their clients  
  6. The latest in ‘sales engineering’ very few builders are using 
  7. The specific areas to focus your time and energy to ensure optimum profit, cash-flow and work-flow   
  8. The power of saying ‘NO’ 
  9. Creating a performance management playbook and identifying conversion potholes 
  10. The step by step process to becoming a marketing influencer  
  11. Kurt’s most successful private client’s strategies, templates and documents for winning work 

Watch Now: How to Win More Work in a Competitive Marketplace

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