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We’ve been running buildXACT for quite some time now, helping builders and tradies with their estimating and job management. We get asked a lot of questions, click here to see the most common ones.
training videos

Check out our training videos

We’ve gone and recorded what we’d typically go through with a class or new user, complete from client details to completion invoice. A great place to get more info on part or all of buildXACT.
Live chat

Chat online with us

Something not working as it should? During business hours live chat will let you talk with us directly. Outside of business hours, leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Get in touch

For anything support related, you can also get in touch with us via phone (during business hours) or email.

Phone: 1800 965 597


training manual

Check out our training manual

If you prefer to have a guide to follow, take a look at our user manual. This covers every main area of buildXACT in detail and also makes a great coffee table book!
suggestions and improvements

Suggestions and improvements

Got a great idea of how to make buildXACT better? We want to hear about it!

Simply log into your buildXACT account and hit the “Features” button in the top right to get the ball rolling. You can also see what others have suggested and vote on their ideas!


Stuck on accounting? Take a look at our user guides

Items not syncing over? Invoices in the wrong spot? buildXACT integrates with popular accounting software to make your life easier, but sometimes things go wrong. Thankfully, we have handy user guides for Xero, MYOB AccountRight, and Quickbooks to show you exactly how to sync, when to sync, and what to sync. Read through it and still feel stuck? Check out our support options!