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Quick and simple take-offs

One of the biggest time saving features of buildXACT is the ability to do your take-offs in literally seconds. buildXACT can do take-offs in various units and includes features to subtract openings or to calculate the surface area of the roof given the pitch. Plans are scaled when loaded into buildXACT so plans of different scales are no hassle at all.


Create accurate & professional quotes

With buildXACT you’re able to easily create accurate and professional quotes. The quotes produced by buildXACT are in both PDF and excel format meaning you can use what suits best. The final quotes include a cover letter, specifications including photos or images of anything you wish to show the client, quoted items, terms and conditions and the final figure. However due to the flexibility of buildXACT you can fine tune your quote to be almost anything you require. When you’re done you can print out your quote or email directly to your client.


One click purchasing and invoicing

When you get to purchasing your material or invoicing your client you can take care of both of these without leaving buildXACT. To purchase items from your suppliers, simply select the items you need from the items in your estimate, click order, select the supplier, and print or email them a purchase order. Invoicing similarly allows you to print or email invoices, manage the stages your client gets billed in, and keep on top of what money you’re receive or are still waiting for.


Fast and accurate job costing

Costing your job with buildXACT is quick and easy because everything you need is organized and at your fingertips. When adding costs you can use the FREE buildXACT price list to get started, it has 900 priced items. You can also upload and manage your own or a supplier’s price list in Excel format. It’s also easy to add labour costs by the hour/day or square metre. At the end, add your markup and rounding in a click, and buildXACT also takes care of GST


No ongoing maintenance costs

One big difference buildXACT has is that it is a subscription, meaning you can purchase by the month or the year. The beauty of doing it this way is that all maintenance and support costs are all included in the subscription cost, so no hidden costs. Also, we’re constantly performing upgrades to make buildXACT even better, and those too are included in your subscription, meaning you’ll always have the latest version.

accounting sync

Connect to your accounting

buildXACT plugs straight into major cloud accounting systems to make tracking the finances so much easier for whoever does the books.

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