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Carolyn Childs, Templestowe Vic

My husband and I use BuildXact to estimate the costs and schedule tasks for our building project. It takes the stress and uncertainty away for us so that we can concentrate on the ‘big picture’.

Grant Mostyn, Newcastle NSW

Since subscribing to BuildXact our efficiency in getting out accurately costed estimates has improved markedly and the time it takes to import plans and take off measurements has reduced by 80%

Hendrik Venter, Mt Martha Vic

BuildXact is significantly cheaper and faster than the previous estimating software which i was using. It’s also easy and far more efficient than Excel. I highly recommend this software to builders, it’s much better value for money!

Stuart McFarland, Frankston VIC

I attended a workshop and after that I found BuildXact really east to use and understand. using BuildXact I quoted 37 apartments in just over 6 hrs myself, it is a huge saving to our company, not to mention the … Continued

Quick and simple take-offs

With buildXACT you can do your take-offs in no time at all, simply select the shape you need and let the software do the calculations.


Create Accurate & Professional Quotes

With buildXACT you can quickly and easily create clean and professional quotes, and send them directly to your client.

Access Anytime Anywhere

As buildXACT is cloud hosted you can log in and access your work anywhere you have internet, so no need to carry everything around with you.


One Click Purchasing And Invoicing

Email or print professional purchase orders and invoices from buildXACT with just the click of a button.

Fast and accurate job costing

We help you keep everything organised and in in one place when you need it. Cost up your job in a fraction of the time using buildXACT, use our price list or import your own.


No Ongoing Maintenance Costs

All support and upgrades to buildXACT are included in your subscription cost, so what you see is what you get.